How do the shirts fit?

- All t-shirts are unisex.

- crop tops fit true to size

How long does it take to process my order?

- in stock: 1-2 business days

-pre-order: 10-20 business days

How long does shipping take?

3-5 business days

Refund and Exchanges

- NO refunds or exchanges unless we're at fault or we agree to it. If we allow you to exchange your item you will need to return you item then purchase shipping again. Your new item will be shipped once we receive the old one. 

How can I became a rep or model?

- Sorry, but at the moment we aren't looking for any reps or models.

Shipping Mistake

If you provide us with the wrong shipping address we are NOT at fault. IF the package is returned to us we will email you. You will need to order shipping, WITH THE SAME NAME AS YOUR PREVIOUS ORDER, and we will ship your order out the next business day.